Stormy Daniels, touted on the left as the very model of the modern American woman, accused of anti-gay slurs and threats

Stormy Daniels, the porn "star" hailed as a "new feminist hero" by the New York Times and featured in a blue gown on the cover of Vogue, seems to have a problem with anti-gay slurs and hate-crime stuff.

With a hat tip to Twitchy, here's the latest:



Eeeew.  This news describes a seedy, disgusting incident: anti-gay hate talk brought on by some business dispute and used to scare the two gay men in the dispute.  It's clearly the sort of thing that goes on in the porno world, where thuggy talk and gooncraft are pretty common.  Not exactly a politically correct gal we have here, something the left ought to deplore but doesn't.  This is the way lowlifes talk, criminal or not, even as Michael Avenatti laughably suggests that nobody judge until the facts are known.  Enough of such facts is known just based on the police report to allow us to know that nice people, or those known as "normals," don't talk like that.

Now let's go back to the gushing of the press.  Here's what I noted earlier:

Is the New York Times going nuts?

One of its op-ed writers, Jill Filipovic, has cast Stormy Daniels as the new "feminist hero."  She writes:

Hers is not a female archetype that has historically garnered much respect, trust or sympathy. Yet here she is, an imperfect, entirely self-possessed woman telling her story with clarity and without shame. And here we are, actually listening to her.

So here we have it: a porn "star" now recast as "feminist hero" just because the press can't stop reporting her every utterance.  An emblem of what women should now be.  Wonder Woman.  The role model little girls should look up to.

That was just the opening gush, and then more claims of Stormy's supposed heroism rolled out: CNN, Yahoo! Lifestyle, then the cover of Vogue, because the press just couldn't get enough of her for graphically describing her long-ago tryst with President Trump.  It loved her so much that it hailed her as a role model.  At the time, I wrote this here, citing Vogue:

Then we hit the bottom of the barrel, with Vogue magazine's fawning profile of Daniels, written by Amy Chozick, along with a carefully manipulated, airbrushed photo of Daniels herself in a blue Zac Posen gown.  You can't unread this:

It is just after 10:00 a.m. on a Tuesday, still early morning in the world of adult-film stars and their entourages.  Daniels is barefoot, in black skinny jeans with silver zippers at the ankles and a purple V-neck T-shirt.  With no makeup Daniels, 39, looks much younger than when she appeared on 60 Minutes last March and told 22 million viewers about her dalliance with Trump, about the hush money and the threat to her daughter and the nondisclosure agreement that she says Cohen forced her to sign weeks before the 2016 presidential election.  In person, she is nothing like that stoic, on-message woman.  She is blunt, foulmouthed, funny.  I ask her for more details on her alleged 2006 affair with Trump.  "How many details can you really give about two minutes?" she says.  Two minutes? I ask.  "Maybe.  I'm being generous."

Ready to ralph?  I thought the left didn't care about people's appearances, given that it has repeatedly criticized President Trump (but not James Comey) for so doing.

Now she stands exposed as a pig – a menacing, trash-talking, slur-hurling leftist who uses slurs when she doesn't get her way.  Those two men slurred, whom she previously called her "Gay Dads," rented her an apartment, probably doing her a favor, and then she and her ex-husband went and sent their notes, and the men filed a police report over it, reading them as threats, obviously knowing very well the kind of creepy underworld Daniels inhabited.

Well, lefties, there's your hero, spewing out anti-gay slurs and fending off police reports.  Kind of disgusting, is it not?



Image credit: James Chang via Wikipedia and FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.