Stormy Daniels tells Oxford Union that Trump and politics have ‘completely destroyed’ her career

Cue the world’s smallest violin for Stormy Daniels, the stage name used by Stephanie Clifford when she took off her clothes and had sex with strangers to sate the urges of pornography addicts. According to a report in Newsweek by Katherine Hignett, Ms. Clifford, with no trace of irony and no heed for contradicting herself in the same speech, told a crowd primarily composed of students at the Oxford Union:

The Donald Trump sex scandal has “completely destroyed” Stormy Daniels’ writing and directing career, the adult film actress told members of the Oxford Union debating society Thursday evening.

The political “shitshow" of the last ten months left her with no capacity to write movies—her favorite part of working in porn—she said during an event entitled "Sex, Guns and Other Fluff: How Porn Can Set You Free." 

I have been able to find no transcript or video of the appearance, so must rely on media reports.  The UK  Daily Mail has plenty of pictures seeming to show Ms. Clifford has put on some weight – which might have an impact on her earnings potential in porn.  However, the claim of a career “completely destroyed” seems to be contradicted by Hignett’s further report:

Daniels—real name Stephanie Clifford—vowed to keep working in the adult film world. Although she was on "an unofficial break" from writing and directing, she said she certainly hadn't retired. "I'll probably never leave the adult film industry," she added.

So far as the reports of the talk indicate, she hasn’t taken responsibility for her poor choices in hiring Michael Avenatti and suing Trump for defamation, resulting in a judge throwing out the suit and charging her with responsibility for paying President Trump’s legal costs. Nor does she seem to have reflected on the wisdom of accepting money for a non-disclosure agreement and then seeking to disclose that which she was paid to remain silent on.

By blaming others for her poor choices, however, Ms. Clifford is definitely in the mainstream of progressive thinking.

Incidentally, the bulk of her talks seems to have been praise of pornography as a healthy thing for society and a good career option for women:



Older, heavier, and facing diminished career opportunities, Clifford thinks all her problems are Trump’s fault.

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