Caravan migrants turn up their noses at all those unfilled jobs Tijuana has for them

With 6,200 people camped out at its stadiums and no state welfare help coming from Mexico City, Tijuana has offered a job fair to the Central American caravan migrants as a practical means of reducing the pressure valve that thousands of foreign unemployed military-aged young men camped out in their city present, as well as getting a lot of unfilled factory jobs filled as the migrants await their U.S. asylum appointments.  For the migrants, the reward is good money in a far more civilized city than the one they left. Are the caravan migrants flocking to take that opportunity?  Doesn't sound like it, based on the news accounts.  From Mexico News: Wilmar Correa, a 27-year-old Honduran, is one of hundreds of migrants who have attended the fair. Did they say hundreds?  From a pool of 6,200 migrants awaiting their asylum claims to be adjudicated in Tijuana, with 7,000 to 10,000 jobs on offer?  Hundreds?  It...(Read Full Post)
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