Out: Russia. In: Saudi Arabia

The progressive narrative of President Trump as evil never changes, but the argument keeps changing.  Even before he was inaugurated, he was denounced as a pawn of Russia's Putin, a traitor.  Robert Mueller was appointed with the mission of proving this but so far has come up with nothing that has leaked out.  As the oil explorers say, he has nothing but "dry hole."

Since Trump must be a pawn of nefarious foreigners (except when he is a dangerous nationalist, heedless of our obligations to other nations), we now have hysterical accusations that he is instead a pawn of Saudi Arabia, because he insists on maintaining the strategic relationship with that Arab absolute monarchy.

Yesterday, Democrat representative Tulsi Gabbard, using vulgar language, accused the POTUS of being a Saudi agent, which would be treasonous:

Rep. Gabbard has not always been so finicky about supporting brutal Arab dictatorships.  Hank Berrin of The Daily Wire pointed out:

As The Washington Examiner pointed out, Gabbard has some shaky ground she's standing on, considering she met with Syrian President Bashar Assad in January 2017 and later publicly doubted claims that Assad had used chemical weapons on his own citizens. Gabbard's defense of Assad came in the face of the U.S. and its allies agreeing that Assad had indeed used chemical weapons on his own people. Additionally, Syria is in league with Iran, a vehement foe of Saudi Arabia.

Gabbard's vulgar attack on Trump triggered Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) to fire back, "And how would you describe your fondness for Assad? Asking for the 500,000 Syrians he murdered ... including the 50,000 children who gasped their last breath because of him."

Another congressional Democrat, Jeff Merkley, hedging with the word "almost," repeated the accuation, charging Trump with "almost operating as Saudi Arabia's agent or publicist or advocate, rather than America’s advocate."

Meanwhile, Bill Kristol, who has been himself been scurrilously accused of being an agent for a regime other than the American Republic, has done another 180-degree reversal and accused the President of doing the same:

I feel a touch of whiplash coming on, watching Kristol.

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