Ocasio-Cortez castigates ‘drooling’ Republicans who ‘chop up’ her ‘word slips’

Ignorance and arrogance are a bad combination, even for a Democrat. Not even yet sworn-into office (“inaugurated,” as she inappropriately put it) as a member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is upset that she gets criticized over her mangling of the proper terminology for discussing the federal government.  Over the weekend, she spoke of the “three chambers of Congress” – and quickly (and inaccurately) corrected herself to say “three chambers of government,” not understanding that the executive and judiciary are not “chambers” but branches.

As she tweeted (and subsequently corrected a typo – note: I am in no position to criticize others’ typos):

It looks to me like she ran for Congress never expecting to win, and has never really prepared herself for office by studying the sort of civic lessons they taught in the  ninth grade more than half a century ago when I was a junior high school student.  

She also does not seem to grasp the difference between grabbing a bullhorn and sitting in at the House Minority Leader’s office and issuing a political demand on that leader without demonstrators and bullhorns. What is “respectful” about blocking access to a workplace and shouting through a bullhorn? That no injuries resulted?

The young congresswoman-to-be from Queens has no idea of the depth of her ignorance.  And no apparent desire to learn.

The Democrats’’ nightmare continues.

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