Obama goes crazy on the campaign trail

Is there anything more pathetic than an ex-president, who ought to be writing his memoirs and establishing a genuine presidential library for the study of his administration, is instead campaigning at a midterm like he's still running for president?

Well, here he is, President Obama, making a fool of himself:



As Drudge Report notes, citing American Mirror, his voice is actually cracking.

Which I suppose happens when you campaign too much before half-empty stadiums and union halls.

The man's time has passed, yet it's obvious he's desperate to still stay relevant, so now he's sounding crazy.

He may indeed want Democrats taking the House in a bid to Get Trump, given that Trump has dismantled his sorry legacy.

But there is probably something more going on than just that: Obama has openly stated he regretted that he was never able to run for office against Trump due to term limits. (He got the crotchety John McCain and the smooth, avuncular Mitt Romney instead, but no stimulating opposition challenge such as Trump.) Trump's a take-no-prisoners, break-all-the-niceties-rules authentic outsider who could give Obama a run for his money, and Obama, the ultimate insider, obviously finds that exciting.

An Internet meme going around suggesting that Obama is paying participants $15 to attend his rallies seems to be fake at least in the instance being cited (and I saw nothing on Craigslist when I checked), and the empty union halls speak for themselves, but such companies do exist, as this 2015 Atlantic piece described.

So for now, the net result seen is that Obama has lost all dignity and is rapidly losing his political stock as he screams and flails. The crowds aren't there, but he can't go away. The press, for now, is supporting him, but they're rapidly disgracing and discrediting themselves as well - witness their effort to portray an Andrew Gillum supporter in Florida as a voter who had her mind changed through the persuasive skills of Obama - who turned out to be Gillum's mother. When Obama loses the press, he's not going to be a happy camper, particularly if Democrats fail to take the House, the Senate, or some critical governorships on Tuesday.