No criminals in the migrant caravan? Tell that to the mothers of the 100 missing

The mainstream press has gone to great pains to tell us the migrant caravan making its way from Honduras to the U.S. has no criminals. Here's the Washington Post: The Trump administration has provided no evidence that criminals, members of the MS-13 gang or people of Middle Eastern descent form part of the caravan. Trump has been criticized for profiling people of Middle Eastern descent with these remarks. In fact, the caravan is often billed as a refuge from criminals, a safety-in-numbers bid that allows migrants to avoid having to pay coyotes for the expensive $8,000 journey. As the New York Times reported: The large size of the caravan, though making for slow progress, has provided participants with safety from the thieves and gangs that prey on migrants in Mexico. It has also apparently discouraged the Mexican authorities from trying to detain all of them. There's just one problem with that: Back near the Guatemalan border end of the journey back in...(Read Full Post)
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