No criminals in the migrant caravan? Tell that to the mothers of the 100 missing

The mainstream press has gone to great pains to tell us the migrant caravan making its way from Honduras to the U.S. has no criminals. Here's the Washington Post:

The Trump administration has provided no evidence that criminals, members of the MS-13 gang or people of Middle Eastern descent form part of the caravan. Trump has been criticized for profiling people of Middle Eastern descent with these remarks.

In fact, the caravan is often billed as a refuge from criminals, a safety-in-numbers bid that allows migrants to avoid having to pay coyotes for the expensive $8,000 journey. As the New York Times reported:

The large size of the caravan, though making for slow progress, has provided participants with safety from the thieves and gangs that prey on migrants in Mexico. It has also apparently discouraged the Mexican authorities from trying to detain all of them.

There's just one problem with that:

Back near the Guatemalan border end of the journey back in late October, at least one migrant kid was kidnapped right there. Now a hundred migrants have disappeared from this caravan. Apparently someone rolled a truck up, told the migrants they were getting a free ride, lured them in, and nobody's seen them since. Their crying kids should be fine fodder on the hip of some trafficker as he seeks to get in as a "family unit" claiming asylum and benefits from "catch and release." The women may end up in border brothels. The men may end up as drug mules or in mass graves. The perverse incentive to kidnap is already there, and sure enough, some criminal likely embedded in the group started harvesting.

Now NBC and The Hill are reporting that migrant women are organizing as a group to find their lost children on these journeys, which would have to include the current caravan, which up until now has been justified as a "safe" way for migrants to travel.

A group of 25 women has been traveling from countries in Central America to Mexico, searching for missing relatives and raising awareness about thousands of migrants who have gone missing, NBC News reported Sunday.

The group, called the Caravan of Mothers of Disappeared Migrants, says there are tens of thousands of people who have gone missing while traveling toward Mexico and the United States over the past 10 years, according to NBC News.

The advocacy efforts come as thousands of migrants are traveling through Mexico toward the southern U.S. border. The Caravan of Mothers is part of the Mesoamerican Migrant Movement, a nonprofit group.

The group seems to be a formation of a sort of Latin tradition - that of the pot-banging housewife looking for answers from the state which we have seen in various forms, (some good, some bad), in the last 30 years in Latin America. The women who first protested the communist regime of Salvador Allende by banging pots and pans were the first. The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina (a leftist group that celebrated 9/11) were the most famous. Venezuelans have had many such women's groups organizing to protest against Hugo Chavez. Mexicans have formed similar ones against the killings of female maquiladora workers. Now we have the Central American mothers of the missing, posting posters of their loved ones.

The problem here is that they are issuing a call for safe travel, rather than discouraging the journeys altogether. It's a funny thing, given that leftist groups tend to favor abolition on emotional issues. Mass shooting? Call for abolition of gun ownership. Kidnappings of caravan migrants? Just enable.

Funny how these kidnappings don't happen much on legal migrant journeys. People flying to JFK and clearing customs, even with a shiny new green card, never seem to get kidnapped the way migrant caravans traveling north do.

Might the inherent illegality of the venture have something to do with all of these kidnappings? The reality is, the fact that migrants are making their journey illegally is the very wedge bigger and more vicious traffickers take advantage. And isn't it significant to any of them that migrants in the current caravan are also showing signs of suffering the same terrible pattern? The illegality of the journey is the problem and the mission of these women ought to be to discourage illegal travel altogether and maybe call for the U.S. to issue more legal visas for migrants. They're not doing that. They're just blaming rule of law and calling for more enabling of lawlessness. It's not going to work because criminals gonna criminal.

The only useful thing about this news is that the whole thing blows apart the phony "narrative" that the migrant caravan is a criminal-free enterprise. Tell that to the mothers of missing 101 people on this journey.

Image credit: Associated Press, via YouTube screengrab




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