Media continue to play the race card even after the election

The media and other Democrats seem to think that they are entitled to win every race where they have a minority candidate. Otherwise, the voters are racists. The following AP story and Washington Post opinion piece are clear examples of how the media continue to play the race card.

President Trump referred to failed Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum as a thief because he improperly took gifts, and somehow that is racist?  And Trump calls losing Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams incompetent, and somehow that is racist?

Trump has called white politicians from both parties much worse than thieves and incompetent, so it is truly pathetic that the media and Democrats play the race card.

What is sad is that journalists and Democrats didn’t actually care about how corrupt Gillum and Tallahassee appear to be. They wanted him because he was a Democrat and nothing else mattered. Of course they also supported the corrupt Menendez for reelection. The “D’ is obviously more important than race or honesty.

Trump is also called a racist because he wants to stop the caravan, which he properly refers to as an invasion. If 4,000 or 7,000 people are gathering together to illegally enter a country, invasion looks like a proper term, and it really doesn’t matter what race the people are. It matters that Trump wants to enforce the laws that Congress passed. Jim Acosta should be asked whether a President should abide by his oath to enforce laws.


Minority candidates see both success and veiled racism

For all the many successes among candidates of color, the midterm elections also proved to some the enduring power of racism, with minority politicians' intelligence and integrity called into question by their opponents and President Donald Trump in what were widely seen as coded appeals to white voters.

During the campaign cycle, Trump referred to black Tallahassee mayor and Democratic candidate for Florida governor Andrew Gillum as "a thief" because of an undercover FBI investigation into his acceptance of Broadway tickets. Trump also branded Gillum's city "corrupt."

And he framed Yale Law School graduate, veteran lawmaker and Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a black woman, as incompetent.

Washington Post - the headline tells the story:

Andrew Gillum’s defeat: Florida’s dark racial past reared its head once again

I voted for a black Republican in an Illinois House Race. He got smoked by a white Democrat.  Did Democrats vote against him because of veiled racism?  A black Republican ran against a white Democrat in Michigan for the U.S Senate, and journalists, entertainers and other Democrats did not support the minority candidate. Was that veiled racism?

Gillum and Abrams both pushed far left policies and it really didn’t matter what color they were. It is a shame that journalists and other Democrats make the choice about race instead of about policies. 

It also looks racist to me that the journalists at Associated Press associate the terms “thief” and “incompetent” with minorities. What else could the article mean?  I personally have considered the Clintons to be thieves and incompetent for a long and they are white, I am pretty sure.  Of course I also considered Obama to have the most corrupt and incompetent administration I have seen in my lifetime, and somehow the media seemed to overlook all the money given to political cronies and the corruption at IRS and the Justice Department and the pathetic economic results. Did they overlook the corruption because he was a minority or because he was a Democrat?

Photo credit: Colin Hackley