'Los Chapitos' running the show

El Chapo is sitting in a New York jail.  Down in Mexico, life goes on for the criminal enterprise he ran for years.

Last week, we learned that the very young Mrs. Chapo is running around Mexico City, showing off some fashionable clothing.  She is young and good-looking and likes to dress well.  Way to go, Mrs. Chapo.

We learned this weekend that the "Chapo boys" are running the business:

Brothers Ivan Archivaldo Guzman Salazar and Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar have been running their father's drug empire with an iron hand while he has been in hiding and in prison in Mexico and after his extradition last year to the US.

"The brothers have engaged in significant violence," said a former Drug Enforcement Administration source.  "They have ambushed military people and they still have the resources to affect witnesses."

Iván and Jesás Guzmán-Salazar are from El Chapo's first or second marriage.  I am not sure, but I believe he's been married a few times.

It'd be interesting to see what the Mexican government does about these two.  As the article points out, they've ambushed military people and killed anyone who double-crosses them.

My Mexican friends tell me the sons are smarter than the father.  In other words, the old man had a terrible weakness for pretty young women and spending money in fancy restaurants.  It made it easy for the Mexican police to track him down.

The sons keep a low profile.  They generally run things from "the home office" and let others do the shooting for them.

Eventually, they will be caught and brought to justice.  I just hope we can get them up here before they end up in another Mexican jail.  Do I have to remind you that Dad escaped twice from maximum-security prisons?

The "Chapo" business goes on.  The young wife shops for clothes, and the sons run the operations.  Sounds like a good "telenovela" to me!

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