Jim Acosta's lecturing of President Trump about harmlessness of caravan requires an apology

After the scornful laughter subsides, Jim Acosta of CNN really owes an apology to President Trump for his inaccurate contentions about the harmlessness of the caravan and his prediction that they wouldn't storm the border.  He should have heeded Yogi Berra, who warned, "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." Twitter is full of humor at Acosta's expense: Jim Acosta lectured President Trump about the migrant caravan saying: - Not an invasion - Hundreds of miles away - Would not jump border wall I overlaid actual footage from today of the migrant caravan storming the border to invade the US over Jim's question. I hope you enjoy: pic.twitter.com/p3vQogWnIJ — Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 26, 2018     WATCH Acosta Lecture Trump on Caravan: ‘Not an Invasion’ https://t.co/bk6FMhHbuI pic.twitter.com/cjPCIwGHKo — Chuck Woolery (@chuckwoolery) November 26,...(Read Full Post)
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