Jerome Corsi explains the perjury trap Mueller's team sprang on him

Last night, Jerome Corsi explained to Tucker Carlson and his audience how the Mueller team were able to charge him with lying to them in order to pressure him to (in his view) to give false testimony implicating Paul Manafort.  It is a harrowing tale as he tells it.  If you believe him, he is a victim of a ruthless team that took possession of his computer, smartphone, and other records and then spent hours grilling him over details of his communications years earlier.  When he failed to remember that he forwarded one email, they had him on a charge of lying, even though, as he told Tucker Carlson (rush transcript via Grabien):

Now the special counsel came in and blew up and they actually sent me home and gave me an opportunity to review the emails. When I came back, I amended the testimony to say that I now remember the email. The special counsel was happy with that until I couldn’t give them what they wanted. Which was a connection that I had with Assange, which they assumed I have come which I I didn’t have. Now suddenly, they forgot they allowed me to amend my testimony and they are going back to the mistake I made, when I forgot the emails. So really, I think, it is completely fraudulent, the charge that they were trying to get me to plead to. I refused to plead to a lie.

There should be written records of this offer to allow him to amend his testimony, subsequently deep-sixed.  If the Mueller team has failed to keep such records, that would call into question the integrity of the entire operation.

I suppose it is possible that Corsi is making up this story, but it has the ring of truth.  Watch for yourself and make up your own mind.

Jerome Corsi explains the perjury trap Mueller’s team sprang on him.

Tucker asked in his introduction how Robert Mueller would fare if he were subjected to the same sort of detailed questioning over his communications years earlier, if he did not have access to his records.  The question answers itself.  Nobody is capable of flawlessly recalling whether or not a specific email out of thousands was ever forwarded.

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