Independent film maker Ami Horowitz documents the media lies about the caravan invasion force

This truly is must-see TV. In case you missed it, last night Tucker Carlson showcased a video report by courageous independent film maker Ami Horowitz, who joined the “caravan” aimed at violating our borders en masse, and exposed the truth about it. Two acts stand out:

  1. Despite media reports featuring women and children, 90 – 95% of the people are males, most of them young and military-aged.
  2. Someone – about whom the media have no curiosity whatsoever --  is laying out millions of dollars to logistically support the caravan. You view the water trucks and other expensive support systems that have been put into place to support this invasion force.

YouTube screen grab

That’s not all, of course. There are some very bad people, as well as many simply hoping for a better life in the US, in the caravan, with the former preying on the latter.

The segment lasts less than five minutes and is well worth your time: