Fox News rebukes Twitter by going dark on its Twitter account

Twitter seems impervious to criticism of its blatant political bias, especially as reflected in who and what gets banned, and who and what is tolerated. Following Twitter’s publication and refusal to ban tweets giving out Tucker Carlson’s home address, even though the Fox News host’s home was assaulted by Antifa demonstrators and his wife (home alone at the time) terrorized as the front door was pounded so hard that it cracked,  the network took a step no one has before: it took its Twitter account dark. Joe Concha of The Hill writes: The official Twitter account for Fox News has not tweeted since Thursday, reportedly in protest of the social media company's lack of responsiveness regarding content associated with a protest outside of host Tucker Carlson's home. Tribune Media content manager Scott Gustin is tweeting about the implicit boycott: The @FoxNews Twitter account has been silent for over 24 hours. A Fox News employee tells me...(Read Full Post)
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