Despite concession by Gillum, they're still 'finding' votes to count in FL governor's race

On election night, Democratic candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum, conceded the race to his Republican opponent Ron DeSantis. Every major media outlet called the race for DeSantis.

But something funny happened happened to the vote count. Those darn Democrats just keep finding more and more votes to count.

They're very apologetic, of course. "So sorry, my bad," said the Broward County Democratic election head Brenda Snipes.


Snipes, who has been at the helm of Broward County elections since 2003, had a testy exchange with Local 10 News investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier during an interview Thursday.

The embattled elections supervisor was surprised by reporters as she stepped out of a bathroom and asked about the status of the recount.

"Could I please get a moment to go into the room and find out?" Snipes asked the group huddled around her. "OK, when I come back I'll let you know."

"But, Dr. Snipes, it is now Thursday," Weinsier said. "We are still counting ballots in Broward County."

"We're counting five pages or six pages for each of the people who voted," Snipes said.

"But other counties have been able to do it," Weinsier said.

Silly reporter. What kind of a question is that to ask? This isn't "other counties." This is Broward County - a magical place where boxes and boxes of votes appear, disappear, and then reappear somewhere else. Snipes is a master illusionist. If pressed, she might be able to make an elephant or a jet airplane appear and disappear. If the circus was still in business, she'd be a star.

"But other counties didn't have 600,000 votes out there," Snipes shot back.

"Well, Miami-Dade did," Weinsier said.

"Well, have you been inside my -- never mind, let me go check. I'll check," Snipes said.

"But it's a serious issue. It always seems like…" Weinsier said before Snipes interrupted him.

"It's a serious issue with me," she told him. "I've been doing this now since Oct. 22."

"But if it's a serious issue with you…" Weinsier said, only to be interrupted again.

"We ran 22 sites, we ran 14 days, we ran 12 hours, we had a big vote by mail (during early voting), so don't try to turn it around to make it seem like I'm making comedy out of this," Snipes replied.

Then Snipes walked away.

That's what this election is missing; comic relief. 

It's already got as much intrigue as a spy thriller.


Gillum's campaign stoked intrigue by releasing a statement about "counting every vote" — but not explicitly asking for a recount.

On Tuesday night, Gillum conceded in his race against Republican Ron DeSantis and his team was clear Wednesday that it hadn't met the threshold to trigger an automatic recount.

Gillum has 49.1 percent, or 4,023,124 votes, while DeSantis has 49.6 percent, or 4,066,059 votes, for a margin of just under 43,000, according to NBC News.

The Gillum statement said that since the concession speech "it has become clear there are many more uncounted ballots than was originally reported. Our campaign, along with our attorney Barry Richard, is monitoring the situation closely and is ready for any outcome, including a state-mandated recount."

"Many more uncounted ballots than was originally reported..." So the press is to blame for not reporting all those "extra" ballots? I think it's safe to say there will be more and more unreported ballots counted by Democrats until Andrew Gillum is declared the winner - after conceding defeat on election night.


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