Dems must be worried about taking the House

When what passes for a deep thinker among the Democrats starts making excuses for why they could fail to take a majority in the House, the odds are that they realize that the polls predicting their 85% certain success are fake news.  Oh, they would never admit it, and they would shun that label in particular, since President Trump has made it his own, but at some level, they all know that the 90%-plus media support they enjoy is unhealthy and that the public knows it.  That's why people won't answer phone calls from pollsters, or deliberately mislead them.  They see the polls as weapons, not honest measuring devices.

Unfortunately, they have been steadily attacking the rule book (the Constitution's procedures for picking our federal elective offices) ever since they lost the 2016 election.  The Electoral College, whose former "blue wall" of surefire Democrat voting states, was supposed to give Democrats a lock on the presidency, was just fine with the Dems for years – until Donald Trump proved that the neglected blue-collar component of their coalition could swing blue states red.  After Hillary lost, the cry went out that because she won the popular vote, something was wrong with the Electoral College.

And now Ezra Klein, who functions as a leading light for the Dems ("you go to war with the army you have"), has proposed a ridiculous standard for judging the legitimacy of any House majority that lands in the hands of the GOP and is proactively ginning up a "crisis" if his side loses:



Twitchy has collected some real gems that responded to this absurd suggestion: