DC Police investigating Antifa mob attack on Tucker Carlson’s home as ‘hate crime’

Hate crime or terroristic threat? I suppose it is better than nothing, but I do not hold out a lot of hope that the DC police are up to the task of properly going after the mob that attacked Tucker Carlson’s house, cracking the front door as they pounded on it, terrorizing his wife who was home alone at the time. But the incident is now officially being investigated as a “hate crime” by DC police.   OFFICIAL TUCKER CARLSON MOB POLICE REPORT 🚨 Vilonet progressives: - Attempted to bust down Tucker's door - Vandalized his house - Vandalized his driveway - Vandalized his car - Political messages left on cars & door - Police classifying as 'hate crime'https://t.co/gMU4OeKMMN pic.twitter.com/089bhY7kEw — Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 8, 2018   The bullhorn-equipped mob clearly was aimed at instilling terror in order to silence a prominent critic of theirs. … according to video posted by...(Read Full Post)
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