DACA illegals voting in Texas? O'Keefe's Project Veritas has a disturbing video

There hasn't been too much in the way of contested elections based on claims of voter fraud in the Trump era, but hotly contested Texas is an exception.

Here is James O'Keefe's Project Veritas video:

In Travis County, which includes Austin, Texas, home of the famous drunk leftwing D.A., and the phony charges against Gov. Rick Perry that followed from it from 2013, we see an undercover video of two poll workers stating plainly to a Project Veritas female investigator, posing as a girlfriend of a DACA recipient, asking if he can vote because he's registered, and being told that DACA recipients vote all the time and not having citizenship to vote is not a problem.

According to the Daily Signal:

Project Veritas' undercover journalist, posing as the girlfriend of a potential DACA voter, visited a polling station in Travis County, Texas to ask election officials if he could vote.

"If he has his ID that’s all he needs. If he’s registered," an election worker told the undercover journalist.

"Right. It doesn’t matter that he’s not a citizen?" the PV journalist replied, adding that she had heard on the internet that he could not vote.

"No, Don’t pay any attention to that. Bring him up here," the official said.

Another woman, who appeared to be an election official, said that there was not an issue with DACA recipients voting, saying, "we got a lot of 'em."​

"You've got a lot of them?" the journalist asked.

"Mmhmm," the woman replied. "From early voter. We've got tons of them. Tons of DACA voters. Okay."

They both seemed as though they were trying to be nice, yet they both displayed a remarkable ignorance about the importance of citizen-only voting. Maybe they were just ignorant and didn't know what DACA was, as the lefty tech hipsters of Wired argued, though it's hard to think they'd end up as poll workers with that kind of ignorance.

More likely, there's a problem with their training from the leadership at the top and someone has been telling them to wave all comers through. And if they are seeing DACA recipients casting ballots through the early voting mechanism, maybe it's time to get a bead on that practice.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who got re-elected last night for reason, rightly said that the matter would be investigated and if there is voter fraud, then miscreants would be punished. That's an important first step.

Because the left's claims that DACA voters wouldn't dream of voting is runs head on against lefty claims that DACA recipients have rights, and the fact that they can't vote is "injustice" by those wicked, wicked, citizen Americans. The Catholic Church seems to be egging this kind of attitude on - check out this article - which has DACA recipients portraying themselves as pitiful because they can't vote in our elections and encouraging others to do it for them. They're also claiming that their "lives" are at stake if they get deported, as if getting sent back to live in their Catholic home countries, which are democracies, is somehow a death sentence, or that God is less around if they have less gringo stuff. With that kind of attitude prevailing, why wouldn't a few DACA recipients decide to cast a few ballots illegally here in the states since it's all about "justice" as they've been told by an institution that claims to have God Himself on their side?

It's possible the poll workers didn't know what they were talking about as they encouraged illegal voting, maybe unwittingly. But DACA recipients are an entitled and ungrateful lot based on what we have seen so far, with powerful patrons, so it's worth looking at whether some of them thought it just fine and dandy to cancel out some Texas citizen voters' ballots through their own illegal votes.

Austin officials say they are looking into prosecuting the O'Keefe officials for illegally recording near a polling place, as if something like this could ever be exposed any other way, or as if fraud voting claims were hardly a matter of concern to them, which they are not. Hope they go for it, given their record of success with Perry. But Abbott has the bigger issue in mind, and rightly so: the integrity of our elections. If any illegal voters should be caught after a fair probe, they should be punished. Let's hope he follows through.

Image credit: Project Veritas via Youtube, screengrab

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