Cutting razor wire, caravan migrants make a new case for a border wall

After a big public relations buildup about razor wire being installed at the border to keep illegal migrants out, caravan migrants are at it again, this time cutting the newly installed razor wire:

Customs and Border Patrol has a video of the crime in San Diego.



Here's video of another one at the the border in Arizona. Both happened on the exact same day, Nov. 14.

Obviously, it's coordinated, and by a very canny organized group (cartels?) that wants to send a message to the U.S. that its border efforts are useless. Tactically, it's striking first and striking hard, right there with the cameras rolling, which it obviously wants. Once the razor wires are cut, the migrants, who contrary to the television news photos are not mostly moms and toddlers, but unemployed military-aged males, will climb the fence again, hop over unencumbered to the other side, take up residence as illegal immigrants with all their legal protections and leftwing lawyer advocates, and humiliate President Trump in his bid to gain control of the U.S. border. And the openly done razor wire-cutting suggests they intend to do it anytime they like. Message to the U.S.: Resistance is futile.

That's some amazing messaging - arrogant, entitled and lawless - with clever tactical actions designed to make Uncle Sam look powerless. It almost makes me wonder if it's the work of cartels, which make billions on these border crossings and stand to lose a lot if legal immigration becomes a better option for would-be migrants than illegal options.

Which is one thing a border wall and some tough immigration reforms would actually accomplish. As illegals cut razor wire with military precision, it's a new case for building a border wall, and ending the incompetent paper-tiger response we are seeing now. Congress has a couple more months before the leftist deluge. It should get busy right now. 

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