Comedy Central guest distorts voter ID laws, and that's not so funny

Voters across the country will soon have an opportunity to elect a slew of officeholders to run our government and represent our views, and not a single eligible voter has any excuse, nor evidence of any government-imposed obstacle, preventing him from participating. It doesn't matter if he's black or white, rich or poor, country mouse or city mouse. Voting in the United States is likely the easiest and most convenient official interaction between citizen and government ever devised.  But if you watched Comedy Central's news program The Daily Show last month (video here), you probably think thousands of Americans – poor, black Americans, actually – are being deliberately blocked from exercising that right.  Carol Anderson, author of White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide, told the show's host, Trevor Noah, that my home state of Alabama, among others, has erected a series of government hurdles designed to keep some...(Read Full Post)
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