CNN shocker: Jake Tapper does a great job grilling DNC chair Tom Perez

Has CNN suddenly pulled the plug on its losing gamble of trying to be the anti-Trump network?  Or is Jake Tapper putting together a new demo tape hoping for an offer from Fox News? The cable news pioneer has languished at the bottom of the three-way competition, and its foray into 24-7 hating on Trump has made matters worse, with the chant "CNN sucks, CNN sucks!" driving home the point that the network has failed. Yesterday, Jake Tapper of CNN behaved most uncharacteristically for a CNN interviewer of this day and age, aggressively questioning and confronting DNC chair Tom Perez on the Sunday morning interview show State of the Nation.  Listen to the two segments below with your eyes closed, and you could imagine that this was a Fox News interviewer.  But don't do it!  Watch, instead, the looks on Perez's face: Needless to say, lefty viewers were outraged, and they took to Twitter...(Read Full Post)
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