Chicago alderman tries to explain why his intern was the hospital mass shooter who killed a doc and a cop

It's bad enough that four people died in a mass shooting incident at Chicago's Mercy Hospital last Monday.  In addition to the perp, "[t]he victims were identified as Dr. Tamara O'Neal and Chicago police officer Samuel Jimenez.  A pharmaceutical assistant was also shot and killed."

Mercy Hospital, Chicago (photo credit: Zol87).

"He had a very, very pleasant personality," Maldonado said of Juan Lopez, noting that his internship lasted for about eight weeks in either 2016 or 2017.

No written records of the internship?

Alderman Maldonado goes for the Sgt. Schultz defense: "I know nothing!"

The alderman said the city runs the internship program and that he didn't personally choose Lopez or know him before he applied for the job.

"I think he was the only person who applied.  You have to be a college student to apply," he said.

"Interns are not assigned to do much of significance, they're basically gofers for the very limited staff that we have[.] ... He had no decision making authority," Maldonado said, adding that Lopez mostly was tasked with shuffling papers and getting coffee.

And Maldonaldo did nothing:

Maldonado said he played no role in helping Lopez secure a job earlier this year with the Chicago Housing Authority.

The perp with the pleasant personality was settling a score with his ex and took out two others who got in his way, kind of like the victims of a lot of gang shootings, especially children, who catch a stray bullet.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said late Monday that the shooting began in the parking lot outside Mercy Hospital as part of a domestic dispute between O'Neal and Lopez.

Our friends at Second City Cop are appropriately sarcastic:

Because aldercreatures are in the habit of welcoming strangers into their offices and giving them scut work without knowing who they are, where they came from and referring them out for other political jobs once they're done.  Which aldercreature said, "We don't want nobody that nobody sent"?

This from a member of a group of people who routinely hire wives, girlfriends, side-pieces, rent office space in buildings they already own, evade property taxes for years on new buildings, buy new construction properties at low "introductory" prices then pocket the sale money after minimal occupancy time, solicit campaign "contributions" from businesses....Would Robbie like a list of aldercreatures who went to jail for these offenses and more?

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