Caravan migrants fake photos for gullible, biased US press

In the propaganda war, the organizers of the migrant caravan are intensely aware of what works for the U.S. press, and how to play its denizens to get the "narrative" going.  They've got the media's number.  And nowhere was it better played than with the recent series of photos seen during the migrant caravan surge that charged the Tijuana-San Ysidro border Sunday.

Start with the "iconic" photo of the migrant mom in the Disney t-shirt moving her two toddlers out of the path of tear gas sent in response to rocks.  NBC actually called this utterly staged photo "iconic," and rest assured: they are going to try to get themselves some news award for all that iconicity.  Here's the New York Times promoting the pic on Twitter:



To start, why the heck was that woman even in that scene when so many other migrants told the press they stayed away precisely because of the dangerousness of the attempted border bust?  Look at the bottom of this San Diego Union-Tribune piece here by Sandra Dibble, who's a genuinely honest journalist.  She got the real story:

Armando Colindre, 21, said he stayed away from Sunday's march, because he has two small children and a wife to take care of.  "They were going in peace, nobody wanted to offend anybody," he said.

The Associated Press had independently similar reporting:

Mina and his wife and their toddler daughter avoided the march and were glad they did after hearing others recount what unfolded, he said as he sat in the doorway of his family's tent at Tijuana sports complex using a toothbrush to clean the fine dust that coats everything off his sneakers.

It gets worse.  Turns out the photo was staged, as these Twitterers have pointed out – lots of apparent photo posing in this picture here.



Here's another problem: the Border Patrol stated that the caravan organizers actually used the women and children as human shields, putting mom and kids out front to take the incoming tear gas while the thugs at the back threw rocks and projectiles.  Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen made an awesome, must-read statement about that, too.  So, far from this being a "narrative" about helpless moms and kids tear-gassed by the Border Patrol, what we have here is a staged use of moms and kids as human shields.  We're talking about lovely people here, these caravan organizers the media are trying to persuade us to consider the good guys.  And yes, the leftist organizers of the caravan, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, knew very well what it was doing on this propaganda front.

They're pretty experienced at using the "moms and kids" as their memes, as is all of the left, because they know that Americans melt when they see moms and kids.  Even the cartels who skillfully use moms and kids to pry open the border based on sympathy factors and the importance of ''not separating families" know that, and this latest staging is obviously something they learned from the cartels.  Here's some CBS commentary, and it's not friendly to this narrative:

As the Washington Post (no fans of Trump) reported this weekend:

"Last month, 23,121 members of 'family units' were arrested along the U.S. southern border, the highest number on record and a 150 percent increase since July." According to the Post, smugglers working with would-be illegal immigrants have essentially weaponized children in their attacks on our borders. 

"Thousands more children are coming in the migrant caravans[.] ... This is happening because Central Americans know they will have a better chance of avoiding deportation, at least temporarily, if they are processed along with children."  The Post says smugglers are even lowering their prices when would-be border crosses come with kids.

Any questions as to why the Tijuana residents don't like this caravan project?

Speaking of spontaneous uprisings, note that the Tijuana citizens not only organized one last week that the organizers didn't see coming, but also came after the caravan border rioters with bats and sticks after they shut down the entire border a week later, obviously not entirely confident that the Tijuana cops would get the job done.  That's an authentic spontaneous uprising, not the fake one the caravan organizers tried to sell us.

Knowing they've been used and are no longer popular, caravan migrants themselves are beginning to pack up and head back.  But the propaganda war isn't over.  Notice how the migrants are suddenly now sporting American flags, not the Honduran ones representing the country they're supposedly seeking "asylum" from.  I've so far seen four pictures of this – here's one, second photo in the gallery; here's another – notice the use of flag-and-kid as a twofer theme; and these have popped up all in the last day or so, with none seen from the weeks before.  These migrants know what they are doing.  Anything for the vast buffet of welfare benefits waiting for them on the other side for those still determined to get in.

Speaking of the quest for welfare benefits, note that the migrant woman who declared donated Mexican beans and tortillas as food fit for pigs has lately been exposed on Twitter as a rather wealthy woman by Central American standards.  Here's a tweet supposedly exposing her real lifestyle:

It's sorry propaganda, and completely the work of the left on multiple fronts. We don't have to fall for it.