Caravan migrant who disdained donated Mexican food as fit 'for pigs' expects free U.S. health care

The migrant caravan making its way to the U.S. in a bid to cut the line ahead of legal immigrants has revealed quite a few instances of chutzpah and ingratitude, in part because its participants aren't really the mere moms and kids fleeing violence that their organizers say they are.

The instance that stands out is the one of a rather well-fed-looking Honduran woman named Miriam Celaya holding up a plate of tortillas and beans donated by the Mexicans, screwing up her nose disdainfully at the plate that looks as though it actually had fingers dragged through it, and explaining to a Deutsche Welle interviewer that it was food "for pigs."

Get a load of the ingratitude:

Now, the food was donated food by the Mexicans, whose government is spending $26,000 a day on housing and feeding the migrants and it represents the normal cuisine of the country. When you go to Mexico, tortillas and beans are what you eat. It's something everyone eats, too. War story: Back when I was a reporter for Forbes magazine, doing the Mexican billionaire's list, I had breakfast with Mexican billionaire Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala, who owns much of the Corona beer fortune. What did she order at the restaurant we met at? Kid you not, tortillas and beans.

If the Honduran migrant here can't handle tortillas and beans without dragging her fingers through the plate and calling it pig food, how is she going to handle American food? There's kind of an assimilation deficit.

More importantly, there's a gratitude deficit. And that was obvious enough to the Mexicans, who obviously see beggars who insist on being choosers. It's not just bad character we are seeing - it's actually proof that the migrants, with their new logo-festooned clothes and expensive strollers, aren't really all that poor at all: like most migrants, they are members of their country's lower middle classes, well fed to the point of being overweight as many are and accustomed to certain things. Tijuanans protested these migrants over the weekend, in part because of the ingratitude showed for the imposition thrown at them. At the protest Sunday, they actually did chants shouting their favor of tortillas and beans based on widespread outrage at the video.

Knowing her remarks were making the caravan migrants unpopular in Tijuana, Celaya, or someone making Celaya do it, apologized. According to Newsweek:

As a result, BBC Mundo reached out to the woman identified as Miriam Celaya, who “apologized to all Mexicans” on Wednesday. She explained to the media outlet that she left Honduras so that her daughter could receive treatment in the U.S for her hearing and speech loss.

But for us in the U.S., the apology revealed even more undesirable things. She apologized because she said she was coming to the U.S. to get health care for her daughter, who had some expensive medical conditions? That's a rationale for ingratitude? Because it's important to make gringo pay instead? She wasn't looking to escape violence, she was coming for the free stuff. And that's the sort of person the U.S. should let in above all other legal immigrants if the leftwing press is to be believed? Given her requirements on the food front, whatever free health care America has to offer her isn't likely to satisfy her, either. And if the Mexicans are paying $26,000 in meals, imagine what the U.S. health care she's not going to pay for is going to cost.

Guess who's gets to pay for that one?

Image credit: YouTube screengrab