Ben Rhodes's tweets about Trump's military cemetery visit cancellation didn't age well

A couple days ago, the press and its echo chamberists, such as President Obama's former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, made a big deal about President Trump cancelling his visit to a military cemetery in France to honor the fallen of World War I, due to rain.

Here's Obama's favorite bagman expressing his outrage:














Note the smarminess. The smugness. The sophomoric claims to knowing how the job is really done, compared to Team Trump.  Note the willingness to compare Trump unfavorably to others. Oh, and the tweets go on and on here, this is just a short curation, they can all be read here. It went together with a collective tone of condemnation from the press about Trump cancelling the cemetery visit due to rain, as if he did that because he didn't want to honor the troops.

Now we get this:

In a story Nov. 10 about President Donald Trump canceling a planned visit to a cemetery for Americans killed in World War I, The Associated Press reported that the Secret Service determines when it's safe to fly Marine One, the president's helicopter. The story should have made clear that the Marine Corps and White House Military Office make the determination to ground the president's helicopter due to bad weather. The military office then presents the recommendation to the White House in collaboration with the Secret Service.

So it turns out Trump never made the decision at all about whether he could travel or not due to the rain, the military and the Secret Service decided what was safe and feasible. And Rhodes either didn't know that, which makes him an ignorant boob, or else did know that but wanted to score some political points. Now the correction exposes him and his icky little scolding shaming act for the phony show it was.

Stand up and take a bow, Ben. You've beclowned yourself. Again.

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