Anybody hearing about just how far left the caravan organizers are?

To hear the news report it, the migrant caravan is just a spontaneous uprising of women and children fleeing Honduran gangs, and the issue is one of Mexico and the U.S. diplomacy finding a way to accommodate them. What's lost is just how hard, hard, left the organizers of what has become this humanitarian disaster are. Even the liberation-theology types are getting concerned. The caravan agenda is a hard-left, pro-Chavista one, and drawing the fringiest leftwing groups. To its organizers on the ground, the caravan is not a humanitarian mission, it's a by-any-means-necessary political mission. A look at the caravan organizers and their allies shows that their real aim is to confront the U.S. The moms-and-kids are window dressing. Take a look at what Puebla Sin Fronteras has on its website, in announcing a border protest today: The manifesto can be read here. It begins: We, the San Diego Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition, composed of migrant rights and...(Read Full Post)
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