Anybody hearing about just how far left the caravan organizers are?

To hear the news report it, the migrant caravan is just a spontaneous uprising of women and children fleeing Honduran gangs, and the issue is one of Mexico and the U.S. diplomacy finding a way to accommodate them.

What's lost is just how hard, hard, left the organizers of what has become this humanitarian disaster are. Even the liberation-theology types are getting concerned. The caravan agenda is a hard-left, pro-Chavista one, and drawing the fringiest leftwing groups. To its organizers on the ground, the caravan is not a humanitarian mission, it's a by-any-means-necessary political mission. A look at the caravan organizers and their allies shows that their real aim is to confront the U.S. The moms-and-kids are window dressing.

Take a look at what Puebla Sin Fronteras has on its website, in announcing a border protest today:

The manifesto can be read here. It begins:

We, the San Diego Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition, composed of migrant rights and social justice groups, invite individuals and organizations across the country and globe to organize demonstrations in their cities, and if they have the capacity, to join our rally and march to the border.  

We call for an action on November 25th to commemorate the anniversary of the 2017 Honduran election stolen by the US government-backed, right-wing military dictator Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH). We are demonstrating on this day to acknowledge and draw attention to the current social and political crises driving the exodus from Central America. We understand that these crises—drug wars, military coups, destruction of indigenous lands for the benefit of corporations, and environmental catastrophe in the region—are all symptoms of US foreign policy, corporate profiteering and war-making.

Moreover, we see that the Trump administration is creating a warlike atmosphere against the caravan. It should be clear that they are not just acting with the support of a cabinet of white supremacists and a majority GOP in the Senate but are also emboldened by the last few decades of bipartisan militarization of the border, mass raids, expansion of for-profit detention centers, and mass deportations—with more than 2.5 million migrants under Obama and Trump alone. Further, these policies are a continuation of a long history of anti-Indigenous colonial violence and genocide.

Had enough? It just gets worse, with its list of demands, including this beauty:

3. The US government must publicly acknowledge a) its role in Honduran Coup in 2009, b) that the Honduran government is a US supported dictatorship, and c) recognize the political and social crises throughout Central America as caused by US foreign policy.

This is nutbag, far-left stuff. That's not about moms and kids in the slightest, that's about the political demands of Hugo Chavez's Venezuela. And as you read further in the "demands," you can read that they also want American officials prosecuted. This is the caravan agenda as it throws hapless women and children in front of the cameras, leaves Tijuana a humanitarian disaster, and leaves Mexico with the prospect of a completely shut down border. As the leftists say: By any means necessary, and those migrants are their easily expendable pawns. Now is the scenario clearer?

And are there any questions as to why the caravan migrants are overwhelmingly military-aged unemployed young men, as this Univision screengrab from Mexicali unintentionally shows? (Look at how unconfortable the Univision reporter looks).

Meanwhile, pictures from Univision (Spanish only) do expose who the caravan organizers are. The camera shots show that the organizers themselves are far-left activists, quite possibly what remain of the gang-like Chavista shock troops of Latin America who destroyed Venezuela. Smug, smarmy and robotic, they speak a disciplined Marxist party line devoid of individualism. They're obviously experienced community organizers, (which gives you an approximate sense of how Chavez destroyed Venezuela). These are the kinds of people I met in Caracas 13 years ago. It was guys like these who produced Venezuela. And given the caravan thugcraft already seen, look at them how at odds the whole project is with these organizers' peaceable and humanitarian claims.

Source: Univision, via YouTube

Source: Univision, via YouTube

Any question as to why they produced these scenes here?

Source: Univision, via YouTube

Even the liberation-theology priests, the famous rifles-and-cassocks crowd of Latin American Idiot fame, are warning they are a problem. Univision has a report (Spanish only) here, but here is a translation from Google of its YouTube caption below.

Father Solalinde assures that Pueblo Sin Fronteras uses the migrant caravan to its own advantage "Some are extremists", in this way the priest referred to the activists who accompany the mass exodus and assured that they will cause problems as they are already doing internationally between the US and Mexico. The activists refuted the statements, said it is a lie and said that all they do is provide accompaniment.

This is amazing stuff, completely ignored by the mainstream media and available only in the Spanish-language press. And these people are at the heart of the caravan roiling both the U.S. and Mexico, creating a humanitarian disaster in the true Marxist tradition. My question: Why are they completely off the U.S. press radar?

Update: Welcome, Instapundit readers! Sarah Hoyt also has an important link to the origins of the migrant caravan here.

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