Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC wins the prize for the stupidest comment on the border assault

There is a lot of competition, but one Trump-hater stands out for utter, implausible, easily refuted inanity in attempting to demonize opposition to the organized attempt to force our southern border open to anyone who wants to come here and sign up for the rich subsidies and benefits offered to poor people.

Congratulations to Andrea Mitchell: You have now earned your place in broadcast history with the claim that calling the mob intent on violating our border a "caravan" demonizes them.  If you don't believe me, watch this video excerpt from her MSNBC show.  She makes the idiotic claim at 1:00 minute into the segment.

MITCHELL: "To say nothing of the demonizing of all of this by calling them a caravan and – and describing them based on –"
RUCKER: "As criminals."
MITCHELL: "– no observable facts as –" [crosstalk]

Aside from the obliviousness of ignoring the crime of assaulting border guards with rocks and announcing the intention to violate our border, perhaps Ms. Mitchell would benefit from a look at the home page of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the group that organized the caravans. And calls them "caravans."

At the top of the home page:

And on the page that comes up when you click on "caravans" on the home page.

Mitchell should apologize, as should MSNBC.  But I won't hold my breath.

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