2018 polling recapitulates the pattern of 2016: Dem triumph predicted (except by Rasmussen)

As in 2016, the divergence between Rasmussen and all the other polling outfits is striking: Rasmussen's last pre-election poll published Monday has an astonishing +1 advantage for Republicans on the generic congressional ballot (46-45).

If Rasmussen's results are a remotely accurate prediction of today's outcome, it would be time to hide the razor blades and other sharp instruments in liberal households, because the disproportionate concentration of Democratic voters in urban centers means that normally Democrats must be up around +7 on the generic congressional ballot to win the House even narrowly.

On the other hand, all the other polling organizations are apparently scrutinizing an entirely different universe of assumed voters: last polls for ABC-Washington Post, Dems +8 (52-44); NBC-Wall Street Journal, Dems +7 (50-43); CNN, Dems +13 (55-42).

Polling organizations' efforts in 2016 to create the outcome they desired were obvious – the Clinton landslide predictions were transparent attempts to depress the Trump vote.  Is the same fraudulent nonsense being rolled out again?  Is Rasmussen right?

The truth is, no one knows.  President Donald Trump has ratcheted up interest and intensity on both sides of the still cold American civil war to the point where the size and composition of tomorrow's electorate are impossible to predict.

Whatever tomorrow's outcome, the battle for the nation's soul will continue unabated.  Those who celebrate the amazing 2016 triumph of President Donald Trump and his equally remarkable achievements over the last two years need to remember this truth: the left never gives up, never concedes error, and never goes away.  American patriots lost sight of that chilling fact during the heady 1980s and have been paying for their error ever since.

So be sure to vote today; hope for the best; and – win, lose, or draw – be prepared to continue the battle.

With Donald Trump in the White House, we have an opportunity to prevent the left's imposition of its dystopian visions that few of us expected to receive in our lifetime.  Whatever happens on November 6, 2018, let's roll up our sleeves and continue the good fight.

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