108 caravan migrants arrested for crimes in Tijuana, so far...

The Department of Homeland Security took a lot of flak for identifying 500 migrants traveling with the Central American caravan as known criminals. And President Trump was blasted in the press for saying the caravan had a lot of "rough people." But what's undercover intelligence compared to the media narrative that the caravan is just moms and kids, fleeing gangs?

Actually, the migrants are the gang.

Buried deep in this RT News story, with a Tijuana newspaper link of the official press conference, is news that the Tijuana cops have arrested 108 migrants on criminal charges. Not old charges, but charges for crimes committed upon arriving.

The city authorities have released new data on Friday which states that 108 Central American migrants have been arrested so far, including 104 for administrative offenses, such as possession of drugs, public intoxication and disturbance. The remaining four are to be prosecuted for robbery, fights and insulting authorities.

Sound like the kind of people who ought to be allowed in here?

Screengrab from Fox News via YouTube

They've only been in the city for a few days and already they are committing this many crimes? That's a lot of crime from so-called moms and kids fleeing "violence." From a group of 6,200 migrants camped out, 108 crooks that the cops know about and were able to catch signals quite a few criminals in the group. And that's the crooks the cops know about. It doesn't include the criminals whose crimes weren't reported to the police, or the crimes whose migrant perpetrators got away from the cops, or any potential situations that were resolved by "mordida," or, the bribing of corrupt cops, which is something that sometimes happens in Tijuana, though not to the extent it did in the past. Nor does it include past crimes. Just the crimes committed on the spot upon arrival that the cops were able to catch.

Seems the 500 criminals are doing their level best to make themselves known. And don't think there won't be more as the months pass and migrants await their asylum claims to be processed, likely rounding the figure upwards to at least 500. Did the Tijuana people have a point after all in their protests?

Score one for Homeland Security.

The silver lining here is that with the migrants cooling their heels in Mexico for the next six months, the crooks now have time to out themselves as the Tijuana police scoop them up one by one, and pitch them into the local hoosegow. Presumably, the asylum claims of such criminals would be rejected and the problem could sort itself out all by itself.

Unless the U.S.'s lefty judges let them in anyway on fake asylum claims in their bid to Get Trump. 

Image credit: Fox News, via YouTube screengrab