Why no one trusts the media to get the bombing story right

Andrew McCarthy writing at the National Review has some thoughts on the way the media is covering the attempted bombing of prominent Democrats. Speculation is not "news" although many in the media are reporting it as such. In fact, as McCarthy points out, actual "facts" about the story are severely lacking, leading to broadly based blame casting on the right which has absolutely no basis in fact. The political Left has been known to orchestrate frame-up attacks designed to make it appear that right-leaning opponents are responsible for violent acts and plots. If I wrote the paragraph above in the context of reporting or commenting on the pipe bombs that were reportedly sent by an unidentified person or persons to prominent Democrats, many people would react angrily, and rightly so. After all, there is no evidence that the atrocious but thankfully unsuccessful targeting of the Obamas, the Clintons, CNN, George Soros, and Eric Holder (as well as...(Read Full Post)
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