Why caravan migrants wave Honduran flags and burn tires in front of U.S. embassy

Waving the flag of the country they're desperate not to be sent back to, and burning tires in front of the Tegucigalpa-located embassy of the nation they're supposedly desperate to live in, the Honduras caravan migrants, their organizers and their supporters don't exactly come off as big fans of the United States. Here's how the Daily Mail captioned one of its photos, seen here: In Tegucigalpa, Honduras protesters burn tires at the US embassy during a march in support of the caravan of migrants on Friday. Hundreds of people marched to express their solidarity with the caravan of migrants trying to reach the United States And as it happened, it was led by the Guatemala-arrested-and-deported organizer of the caravan, the far-left Honduran politician and supporter of Hugo Chavez and Mel "cowboy hat" Zelaya, Bartolo Fuentes. Nor does the caraan come across as entirely free of thugs intent on harming others: According to the Daily Mail: Late...(Read Full Post)
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