Who's protecting Georgetown prof who wants to castrate white GOP Senators and feed them to pigs?

Georgetown University's provost's distinguished associate professor in the Security Studies Program at its Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Christine Fair, is at it again, standing out. Here's her latest tweet regarding the Senate hearings of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, since deleted: So far, so typical – just another crazy lefty non-full professor popping off?  She certainly has a violent orientation, rather like the Muslim societies she purports to be an expert on on her Georgetown bio page, where, curiously, she is listed as Carol C. Fair.  I do not know if that was a recent change in a bid to avoid Google keywords or some secretary's typo or what.  But notice the Islamic flavor of that sort of fantasy described in the tweet.  And notice how she doesn't seem to ever get into any trouble for it.  She's not your ordinary crazy...(Read Full Post)
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