Who to believe? An adult white woman or a 9 year old black boy?

The "believe woman" claims of rape no-matter-what meme continues to trivialize real rape and other forms of assault, while turning women into permanently helpless victims unable to function in simple every day activities because #MeToo!  

In the heart of multi-cultural, pluralistic and oh-so-liberal Brooklyn, New York, a white woman is paying for cat litter in a Mid-Eastern deli as a black mother exits the store with her two young children.  Ah, sophisticated big city co-existence in all its smug glory!  

But wait! Danger for women is everywhere!  Everywhere! And it happens! Something touches the white woman's delicate butt!  Oh no!  Galvanized by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's vivid recollections of a highly questionable drunken adolescent  hazy encounter 36 years earlier embedded in her hypothalamus, the alert white female professional victim follows the black family outside, accusing the 9 year old boy of touching her clothed and sacred body part and then calls the police. 

The 9 year old cries.  The mother defends her son.

A white woman set off a firestorm in a Brooklyn community and on social media after she called 911 on a black boy at a bodega, claiming he grabbed her butt -- only for surveillance video to show that he never touched her. (snip)

Security camera video grab via NBC New York

The woman, identified by the New York Post as Teresa Klein, was buying cat litter inside Sahari Deli Market in Flatbush Wednesday when the boy, wearing a school uniform and backpack, walked past her with his mother and younger sister, witnesses say and video shows. His backpack appeared to brush against Klein's backside.

 Klein whips her head around and begins shouting in the direction of the exiting family, surveillance video shows. She makes crude gestures at them, and the mother is seen walking back and arguing with her.

Joni Torian, a customer who witnessed the dispute, told the Post, "The mother was right behind him when she says he grabbed her very flat behind. Ain't no mama gonna let her child sexually assault a woman. [Klein] started yelling, 'Miss, you need to watch your son, he just grabbed my ass.' It was kind of funny at first, but then she was saying, 'I will call the cops.'" (snip)

Klein is heard saying sarcastically into the phone, as incredulous bystanders watch, "White woman calling the cops on a black lady, I get it." (snip)

The fight is then taken outside the store, where witnesses began recording the confrontation. In one video posted to Facebook, Klein is seen getting on her phone and saying, "I'm going to call the cops right now" -- which sends the boy and his little sister into tears.  (snip)

Klein continues speaking into the phone, saying, "I've been sexually assaulted by a child."

The woman continued her rant against the child as other customers defended him, while others videoed the entire incident.  The next day the woman returned to the store, saw the store's security video of her "assault" and apologized.  However, 

It seemed to touch off even more emotional backlash among other black men inside the store. 

"Apology don't solve people's problems, man," one man said. "If it was me, I would have been incarcerated by now." 

"But...but," women defenders will defend, "women have been victimized for so long you can't blame them for a little mistake."  Oh no!  Of course not!  

So what if innocent men are vilified, smeared, even incarcerated?  They deserve it because they're well...men.  

So what if the cops had been more involved, showing the woman the child was innocent?  They're cops; by definition, bad.  

So what if the cops and the judge are slow to react when a real case of sexual assault occurs because wolf has been called too many times?  They're men.  Or evil conservative, elitist women.