When Joe Manchin pulls his mask off, what do you see?

Do liberal politicians really advocate socialism?  Do they truly condemn due process?  Are they sincerely committed to abortion?  If so, can they be persuaded to see the light? Indeed, many of them already have seen it.  Every member of Congress, of either party, is well aware of Venezuela's socialist disaster.  All of them favor due process, at least for themselves, if ever falsely accused.  And most of them (or at least those who have any knowledge) recognize that partial-birth abortions are barbaric.  They are already persuaded, maybe with the exception of a handful of truly demented members. Then why do so many of them advocate such absurd positions? It's all about, and only about, money and power.  Period.  Everything they do is centered on those two things.  The most recent, obvious case in point involves Senator Manchin, Democrat, of West Virginia.  He...(Read Full Post)
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