We need the 'birthright' debate

President Trump may or may not have the legal authority to issue an executive order about "birthright citizenship".  Nevertheless, we need the debate in the U.S.  We need an honest discussion about "birthrights" and women who come here to have a baby.

The numbers are big.  According to a 2015 report by Numbers USA, 4.5 million babies were born to illegal immigrants.  The cost is $ 2.4 billion, according to another report.

As a legal immigrant, with naturalized U.S. citizenship, I believe that this "birthright" issue is being abused.    

So let's have a debate and please don't call me "racista" for saying so.  Let's ask these questions:

1) Does "birthright" promote illegal immigration?  Has the word gone out to go north, have your baby and then get citizenship?  Yes, it promotes illegal, not legal immigration.

2)  Can states and communities afford the health care costs?  My guess is no.  My second guess is that many voters would like to vote on this rather than have judges issue opinions one way or another.

3) What about the 14th Amendment?  I don't believe that it is correct to use this amendment to support the birth of a baby born to a woman, often unmarried, who is in the country illegally.  So let's have a debate and let the Supreme Court clarify the issue.

Again, President Trump may not have the authority to end "birthright" by executive order.  We need the debate.  We need for members of the U.S. Congress to vote "yes or no" on this issue.

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