Trump turns Democrat angst up to 11

Next month's election will be fun.

Democrats in Congress and on America's coasts are experiencing an existential crisis.  Hysteria runs rampant.  We're two years in and counting.  Desperation has set in.  Maxine Waters encourages violence.  Kamala Harris and Cory Booker imagine themselves as frontrunners in 2020.  Hillary Clinton claims that civility is not merited, and Elizabeth Warren checked her DNA.  Oy, veh.  It's getting tiresome.  But still, it's funny.

These folks assumed since 2008 that their side had won, permanently.  They assumed that the Republican Party is dead.  They assumed that no one except "crazies" would oppose the progressive agenda.  The bitter clingers and deplorables were supposed to lose.  Everyone to the right of progressives was assumed to be radical, Alt-Insane, pure scum, and worthy of public scorn.  Hence their mania.

Then a miracle happened.  Against the alleged inevitable tide of history, America got "woke."  It wasn't that America was there for Trump.  It was that Trump was there for America.

Elections have consequences.  2010.  2012.  2014.  Landslide victories for Republicans at both the state and congressional levels.  Then came Trump.  Accidental?  No.  It was a red wave of monumental significance...except to Democrats in Congress and on the coasts.  They weren't worried by any of it.  After all, they had Hillary warming up in the bullpen.  And open borders...with illegal aliens being bused to many key voting districts around the U.S.  Motor voter laws in effect, or coming into effect.  Don't think this strategy was a last-minute ploy.  Plans were made in advance.  Plus verbal agreements were in place for a climate accord in Paris, a nuclear deal with Iran, and a trade deal in the Pacific.  Once those were in place, it was time for the fat lady to sing.  Trump was nothing more to them than a voice crying in the wilderness (Isa. 40:3).  It was a cinch that Democrats would rule Washington for a lifetime or two, maybe forever.  That's my take on it.

So don't be surprised by the manic screeds of miscreants on the Alt-Left, including Antifa.  At worst, they are a fraction of a minority, a pimple on an elephant's hind leg, no matter how often they are magnified by the MSM.  They assumed they could re-invent America.  Folks much smarter than them assumed they could prevent Trump's election, or prevent his inauguration, or drive him from office.  Destiny was in their hands...until it wasn't.

It's two years now and running.  The anarchists and bellyachers and their allies in Washington have failed at every turn.  Trump owns them.  He will prevail.  November 6 is right around the corner.  I'll say now what I said before November 8, 2016Trump's got this one.  Watch and see.  You won't be disappointed on November 6, 2018.  Afterward will come the echo of the prophet Amos: "Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an everflowing stream" (5:24).

Donald J. Trump doesn't suffer fools for long.  He is no fool himself.  He has a strong counter-punch.  Congressional Democrats know as much.  Hence their angst.  He owns the lot of them.

Let's compare notes on November 7.  

In the meantime, vote as if your future depends on it.  It does.