So Keith Ellison wants 'due process'

We don't often agree with Keith Ellison, the candidate for attorney general in Minnesota, but he is right on with this comment:

"The #MeToo movement is a justice movement, and I don't ever want to be counted among those who in some way tried to dissuade victims from coming forward," he said. 

"But I think the #MeToo movement has room for due process.  Every social justice movement must."

Well, I agree that due process matters.

Let me add a couple of things:

First, it would have been helpful for Ellison to have made that statement when the left was out to get Judge Kavanaugh.

For whatever reason, Ellison went mute when women were accusing Kavanaugh of behavior at parties that occurred (or didn't) 30 years ago.  Again, it would have been helpful for Ellison to have reminded his fellow Democrats of "due process."

Second, the "#MeToo" movement has become nothing but a leftist weapon.  It has nothing to do with women, but rather shooting down Republican men.

Back in 2016, the Democrats used women in an attempt to destroy candidate Trump.  In the end, President Trump won, and a bunch of others were forced to resign.

In 2018, justice may prevail again.  We hear that Ellison is losing his lead in the race for attorney general.

Didn't someone tell me years ago to be careful what you wish for, because you may get it?

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