Remember how the left had a cow over President Trump's crowd sizes?

Way back when, the left and its media allies made a huge stink over President Trump's supposedly small crowd sizes during his inauguration. The story went on for days and days as the media tried to parse whether Kellyanne Conway was really lying or not in saying that the crowd was big. The photos were examined in microscopic detail, while inconvenient facts, such as when the pictures were taken, were skimmed over. The press particularly liked to compare Trump's inaugural crowd size to President Obama's inaugural crowd size as a means of making themselves feel better about losing the election.

Like anyone should really care, but that's what interested them.

Well, now the press hacks are at it again from the other end, exaggerating the sizes of the crowds President Obama is drawing in today, which don't hold a candle to the sizes of crowds President Trump is now drawing, given his tax cuts and other presidential successes.

GatewayPundit has a gleeful summary:

Hah-Hah!  Former President Obama was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Friday and he couldn’t fill a high school gymnasium.

But this didn’t stop a far left Daily Beast hack from claiming the line was a mile long to get into the event!

Never trust the liberal media.  Never!

The Daily Beast does it again – their National Security writer, Erin Banco, claimed that the line to see former President Barack Obama in Milwaukee today was a mile long….

The reality is, the crowds may very well have been smaller for Trump's inaugural than Obama's, given the expectations the voters had, given the left's mob thuggery on Trump supporters, and on the other side, given the glossy buildup newly elected President Obama had, as well as the high hopes and thrill of many African-Americans. 

The other reality is that Trump and other Republicans really are pulling in the arena-sized crowds in a way the Democrats are not. Joe Biden, remember, couldn't even fill a union hall last week. But among Republicans, there were the big Beto rallies in Texas and the even bigger Ted Cruz rallies in Texas. There were the huge crowds Trump drew throughout his trips to the Midwest and in North Carolina. RealClearPolitics wondered if the arena dynamics were actually changing the dynamics of the midterms. 

But then we have the sorry little mainstream press, some of its sorrier elements trying to claim Obama is filling a stadium, too, as GatewayPundit pointed out. This, if nothing else, may signal that the blue wave is not coming this time.

Sorry pals, you're not popular.


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