Progressive group linked with Democrat campaign organs demonizing seniors

A new, amply-funded progressive group, linked to Democratic Party campaign organs, has decided to incite resentment from younger voters against senior citizens. This is yet another example of hyping identity group warfare as a strategy for success, turning Americans against each other for political profit. Having already decided that whites, males, heterosexuals, are all suspect groups to be derided, they are now reduced to pitting the young against the old -- and those who aspire to someday make it to "old."

The group in question is called ACRONYM. CNN told us on September 24:

 Acronym [is] a progressive nonprofit launched last year by veteran digital strategist Tara McGowan to help narrow the advantage Republicans had built in digital capacity.

Dubbed "Knock the Vote," its logo features a silhouette of the President's head being punched.

I haven’t been able to find that logo, and I wonder if it was taken down because of its obvious incitement to violence?

However, Ms. McGowan’s latest tweet is evidence of her malign intent remaining iunchanged:



The Democrats have embraced ACRONYM:

The Hill tells us:

Two weeks ago [September 10], Acronym joined the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee to launch a $10 million investment in Democratic candidates running for state offices.

And that Acronym has plenty of funding of its own:

A progressive group on Monday launched a $3 million voter registration campaign in the 36 states that allow online registration, with a focus on Arizona, Florida and Georgia, CNN reported.

Here is ACRONYM’s ad that is based on inciting resentment against, even hatred for elders:

ACRONYM apparently never read Colonel Paul Linebarger’s classic book, Psychological Warfare, which warns against defining the enemy too widely. The backlash from defining senior citizens, and those who aspire to be senior citizens one day (as there is only one alternative), as “The Enemy” is another plant growing in the “Garden of Stupid.”