Obama still bitter and hurling 'tin-pot dictator' epithets at President Trump

Speaking to a sparse crowd in Las Vegas, President Obama attempted to rouse Democrats for midterms with epithets against President Trump.

According to Buzzfeed:

He denounced Trump’s attempts to pressure the FBI and Department of Justice to target political foes.

“That is not how America works. That is how some tin-pot dictatorship works,” he said.

He's quite the guy to talk.

What it looks like is a former president bitter with regrets at President Trump's success, and now resorting to tired dictator cliches as a means of bringing back his own good times.

Tin-pot dictator? How very presidential of him to say so.

We all remember of how he ran things as president in charge of the Justice Department when he blithely excused the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of Tea Party dissidents for political purposes, their lies about it, and then their destruction of evidence. In that case, he claimed there was not a "smidgen" of evidence of wrongdoing, while allowing all of the obviously guilty perpetrators to walk off with six-figure retirement pensions, the better to buy their silence.

We all know about how he knew that his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was operating an off-the-books illegal private server for the purpose of evading Freedom of Information Act inquiries from curious reporters, because we know he sent some pseudonymous emails to its address.

We also know that he worked with his corrupt Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to assure Bill Clinton in a fakely staged "chance" tarmac meeting that the fix was in on the FBI investigation of his wife's illegal server.

We know he knew about foreign cash rolling in to the Clinton Foundation in what internal emails admitted was a pay-to-play set-up. Naturally, no one was punished.

We know there was a coverup with the Fast-and-Furious gunrunning scandal, rather redolent of the gunrunning scandals that were last seen in Argentina.

We also know there was a coverup of emails around the Benghazi scandal, where a U.S. ambassador was killed at a U.S. consular post abroad and a phony effort to blame it on a video to keep the fact that the ambassador was sending warnings of terrorist trouble and asking for extra help had gone ignored.

So many incidents, and so redolent of what real tin-pot dictatorships, anxious to get their way by "any means necessary," really do.

All one can ask in such an instance is why 'tin-pot dictatorship' is what comes to mind to Obama. Takes one to know one.

And more to the point, it brings to mind to the rest of us the reality that Trump was elected as the only means of ending the Obama slide. Trump was a fighter, and too much tin-pot dictator-style stuff was going on, threatening to turn the U.S. into another Bolivia.

Amazing the nerve it takes to call Trump a 'tin-pot' dictator with that record. Goes to show how shameless the ex-president really is. No wonder he attracted such a tiny crowd.

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