Media will be thwarted in efforts to swing midterms blaming Trump’s rhetoric for violent attacks

If you have been worried – like President Trump – that the GOP will suffer for being blamed for the violence, real and attempted, of the past week, relax.  Three smart people – two of them Lefties – see beyond the huge media hype ever since ineffective (if not fake) bombs began arriving at the homes and offices of Trump’s enemies.   The suspect in custody was so perfect, with his van covered in graphics echoing Trump themes, that many suspected a false flag operation. The mainstream media wasted no time in endlessly pounding home to idea that Trump has, if not blood on his hands, responsibility for creating a toxic atmosphere that animated one of his followers to attempt what the Unabomber (a huge fan of Al Gore) succeeded at.

The second pathetic, angry loser “suspect” who succeeded hideously well in killing his intended victims is on the record hating Trump.

But that hasn’t stopped Lefties from trying to pin his bigotry on Trump (and the Jews who support his move of the American embassy to, Israel’s capital city):

I think the logical syllogism that will be widely deployed is:

1.     Bowers doesn’t like immigration (he attacked HIAS, which supports many Muslim immigrants, despite its origins as a group supporting Jewish immigrants).

2.     Trump also has criticized unchecked immigration, wants to tighten up screening of purported asylum seekers, and stopped entry from countries that cannot supply adequate documentation for vetting (intentionally distorted into a “Muslim ban” by his unscrupulous critics).

3.     Therefore, Trump and Bowers are really allies, even though they both, now, have denounced each other. The superior knowledge and wisdom of  Trump’s critics makes this indisputably true.

4.     The perfect label to make them identical twins already has been deployed: They are “white nationalists”!

But it won’t work.

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post explains why:

Here are three main reasons for my doubts.

First, neither suspect was a solid citizen who suddenly turned to violence because of politics. (snip)

Although the public in general is distressed with gutter-level politics, and most feel Trump makes too many inflammatory comments, it doesn’t automatically follow that these two alleged criminals can be successfully pinned on the president. Just as most Americans did not blame Bernie Sanders when one of his supporters shot Republican Congressman Steve Scalise in a planned assassination attempt last year, most are more likely to believe Sayoc and Bowers are responsible for their own actions.

Pretty much everyone knows by now that Maxine Waters has been urging harassment, and that Republicans are experiencing it. The swing voters in the middle that are paying attention to the news know this very well.

Second, the speed of events these days means no one storyline dominates for long, even in the anti-Trump-obsessed media. The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle looked as if it would determine the election — until the caravan of Central American immigrants making their way toward the southern border vowed to get into the country, one way or another.

That caravan is not going away. See below, for the Lefties that appreciate how important this is. Graham continues:

The economy is the third reason for my doubts that last week will dramatically reshape the election. Most Americans in the workforce today have never seen anything like the jobs boom and the rising incomes that go with historic low unemployment.

As James Carville famously instructed Bill Clinton, “It’s the economy, stupid.” That still is true. Especially in an environment in which a huge majority of the public disbelieves the media.

The two smart Lefties who see the caravan as decisive are Andrew Sullivan and Michael Moore (don’t be fooled by his dopiness – he predicted Trump’s win, and understands working class Americans better than the Democrat intellectuals and elites).

Sullivan writes in New York Magazine:

It’s the optics that are fatal. The image of that caravan, crammed with thousands of desperate brown human beings, winding its way tortuously through Central America and Mexico, headed to a showdown at the U.S. border, is a white nationalist’s twisted fantasy. The question is not if George Soros funded it, but if Steve Bannon did (I’m kidding, I’m kidding). It reminds me of that infamous poster in the Brexit campaign which showed a long, packed line of migrants, in theory waiting to enter Britain, with the slogan: “Breaking Point.”

Moore is more effusive, as the Daily Wire reports:

In a series of tweets that feature aerial shots of the massive caravan, Moore once again waxed prophetical about Trump steering the national narrative to electoral victory.

"So here we have a beautiful aerial shot—just in time 4 the Midterms! And everyone falls for it. This is one of the most remote areas of the Western Hemisphere. Try finding a helicopter/drone down there to film this. You can’t. Trump’s genius is how he once again outsmarts the Dems," wrote Moore.



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