Lawyer who represented Sayoc: 'He didn't seem to have the intellectual capacity to plan a conspiracy like this in my opinion'

Miami lawyer Ronald Lowy has represented Cesar Sayoc in some of his earlier brushes with the law, and according to The Hill, he currently represents Sayoc's family.  Lowy had a number of things to say about Sayoc that seemed to attribute his alleged crimes to his feelings about President Trump, but his most interesting comment in the interview was ignored:

A lawyer for the family of Cesar Sayoc Jr., the man charged with mailing explosive devices to several prominent Democratic figures this week, said Friday that Sayoc "found a father" in President Trump.

Miami lawyer Ronald Lowy made the comments on CNN while discussing the arrest of Sayoc, someone he said he had represented in past cases and whom he described as a "sick individual" who seemed "lost" and needed help.

"He was looking for anything, and he found a father in Trump," Lowy said, noting that the man's father "abandoned him as a child" and "he was trying to create an identity."

Lowy said that he believes Sayoc was attracted to Trump's messaging, which included reaching out to "outsiders" and "people who are angry at America."

But he limited (barely) the responsibility he placed on the POTUS:

He added that he doesn't blame the president solely for the attempted attacks.

But oddly, this comment by Lowy didn't make it into The Hill (via Grabien):

He never seems sophisticated enough to do something like he's accused of.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there were others others [sic] who helped prod or encouraged him to do this, or that the bombs in fact were so crudely made, they never could have worked.  He didn't seem to have the intellectual capacity to plan a conspiracy like this in my opinion.

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