Kyrsten Sinema's war on housewives

Is leftist Arizona Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema the gift that keeps on giving or what?

In her latest gaffe, an interview of her was unearthed from 2006, demonstrating her going after that notorious scourge of human society: housewives.

These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they're choosing to live that life," she told Scottsdale nightlife magazine 944.  "That's b‑‑‑‑‑‑‑.  I mean, what the f‑‑‑ are we really talking about here?

Umm, the actual question is, what the eff are you talking about, Kyrsten?  Taliban OK, housewife no?

Nobody I know of, last I checked, who lives as a stay-at-home mom has ever called that life decision "feminism."

Some may call it a choice, with choice being a feminist buzzword, but the reality is, women do stay at home more typically for the self-sacrificing mission of raising children and working as a team with their husbands to solidify and strengthen their families, sometimes at the cost of the satisfaction and money of a job.  They do it to put kids first and husband first, creating a house and home worth living in.

Sinema's disparagement of women who take that vocation, for the most unselfish of reasons, is simply stunning.  Obviously, she's got a bully instinct and a creepy feminist intolerance of women who choose to live their lives outside the feminist career template.  It goes right with, as the Federalist notes, her insults to her home state, Arizona, as the "meth lab of democracy" and her abuse of conservatives as "Neanderthals."  Leftists have always made these gaffes, by the way, with Democratic political consultant Hilary Rosen one prominent example, but Hillary Clinton, who projected her idea of being a housewife as just "staying home and baking cookies" as her contribution to the pattern.

...eating bon-bons, no doubt, and painting their nails, which, by the way, is the "sexist male from the 1950s" trope about women.

Mitt Romney's wife, Ann Romney, had to defend herself from this junk thought, and she did so admirably, stating the truth of the matter: that every mother is a working mother.

Don't think voters can't see that, even as we can expect Sinema to make her apologies.  Nope, they heard her the first time, and the gaffe was less gaffe than a statement of what Sinema really thinks – lip-curling contempt for women who haven't chosen to live as Sinema, woman of the people, chooses.

That's quite a candidate you got there, Democrats.

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