Kavanaugh confirmation battle boomerang: the GOP establishment and the Russia Hoax

The political fallout from the Kavanaugh nomination is still being sorted out.  Additional fallout from this entire episode may be manifested in a new willingness -- dare I say resolve? -- on the part of even establishment GOP types to take the drastic action needed to put the Russia Hoax to rest once and for all. Hitherto, many Republicans appear to have been content to allow President Trump's hands to be tied -- or, kept occupied -- by the Mueller "probe" fiasco. That was apparent in the Administration's early going, when the Republicans defeated themselves over Obamacare and, of course, in the actual appointment of a Special Counsel. Two factors may now be in play to change that attitude. The first, of course is Trump's consistent and impressive record of achievement and his demonstrated ability to bond with ordinary American voters -- nothing succeeds like success. And getting Kavanaugh confirmed was not only a big success, it kept faith with...(Read Full Post)
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