Kavanaugh boomerang #2: Fanatical Dems will drive away voters with over-the-top reaction from now to Nov. 6

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Even if a few among the Democrat leadership sober up and realize that their scurrilous, cruel attacks on Judge Kavanaugh have backfired, the angry fanatics who donate, demonstrate, and harass cannot help themselves.  Monica Showalter yesterday discussed Robert B. Reich, the former Clinton secretary of labor (and pal since Rhodes scholarship days), who is working with MoveOn.org to mobilize national demonstrations.  Their problem is that the level of hatred that has been propagated inevitably will result in fanatics acting out in distasteful and all too often violent ways.

Even worse: The left now embraces outright intimidation as a political tool.  An editor of The Nation, the premier publication of the now dominant left-wing faction of the Democrats openly announced a campaign of intimidation that amounts to terrorism (for now) minus the suicide vests:

With the GOP now united, there will be pushback.  The complicit media will do their best to ignore outrages that would enflame the public, but President Trump is not shy about reminding them, and social media enable compelling videos to be shared and penetrate a working majority of the voting public's awareness.

Best (or worst) of all, fanaticism begets factionalism.  The most outraged perpetrators will not reflect upon the electoral consequences of their own behavior if a Schumer or a Klobuchar warns them to cool it, after noticing the polls move against them.  They will, instead, accuse them of being sell-outs, allied with the "rape apologists."

I never anticipated that a united Republican Party might face a divided Democratic Party as we go into the midterms.  Call it karma, or call Trump the master of three-dimensional chess, or merely the miraculous result of a spine transplant operation, but once again the political landscape has been transformed since the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

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