John Kerry: Chappaquiddick is okay because Ted Kennedy 'owned up' to it

In 1969, John Kerry accused the U.S. military of terrorism and war crimes in Vietnam.  In 2003, Kerry described the U.S. military in Iraq as terrorists. This week, Kerry appeared on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper to peddle his new book, Every Day Is Extra.  Kerry took time off from trying to undermine U.S. policy toward Iran and playing with his yacht to inform us that Teddy Kennedy, also known as Teddy the Swimmer,  "owned up" to Chappaquiddick: He stood up and owned moments where he knew he'd stepped over the line, so I think that – and he wasn't about to be nominated to a lifetime position, in fact, he said to the people of Massachusetts, if you think I shouldn't stay here, then, you know – he took those returns and then he was elected another six times. Leaving Mary Jo Kopechne in a submerged car to die, while Teddy waited about ten hours before reporting to the police, is known to Kerry as...(Read Full Post)
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