Jerry Brown's get-out-of-jail-free card in California

Here's a story that's making the news in San Diego as a local district attorney protests, but it's actually a state problem that goes back to the usual lefty suspects, starting with Gov. Jerry Brown.

Thousands of murder convictions are likely to be vacated due to a change in state law that effectively says that if you were the guy sitting in the shotgun seat of the car as the other guy pulled the trigger, you get off scot-free – you're no longer convicted of murder, too. The County of San Diego alone is set to release about 150 such charmers onto the streets, and the other 57 counties are going to have to do similar.  All told, about 800 of them are reportedly going to get let out.

According to NBC News:

SB 1437 was signed into law last month by Governor Jerry Brown and will go into effect on January 1, 2019.  Under the change, if a defendant in a crime did not kill, intend to kill, or did not act with reckless indifference to human life in the death in question, that person cannot be found liable for murder.

So the Lord of the Flies laws get vacated, and the gangsters who egg their buddies on to pull the kill trigger no longer face consequences.  Only the one who did pull the trigger faces consequences.  In a pack of cheering thugs, try to figure out the right one.

That has got San Diego D.A. Summer Stephan concerned, given that she's going to have to try some of these cases all over again, considering the guiltiness of this kind of perps.

The District Attorney cited the 2016 stabbing death of Hugh Pettigrew, 33, of Fallbrook.  Three alleged gang members were convicted, even though prosecutors could not prove who actually committed the murder.  The new law will allow the three to petition for a new hearing.  As many as 800 cases could be impacted throughout California.

"All three were held responsible, rightfully so, because all three cooperated to murdering this innocent man for their benefit to their gang," said Stephan.

Yes, people who had no knowledge that a murder was about to be committed shouldn't be jailed, and it's possible that the law did need adjustment.  But in gang situations, that isn't going to be the case, because, well, they're in a gang.  And this law is grotesquely sweeping.  As killers get let out, it should do wonders for the California quality of life, with all its homelessness and crimmigrants as a certain number of new recruits join the club and return to business.

Stephan, you recall, was last seen in the news beating back a barrage of Soros cash at a special election, something she did with aplomb, given that Soros sponsored an idiot.

But obviously the Soros agenda of letting them all out of jail continued, even without his little pawns in power.

That raises questions about who really sponsored this potentially troublesome move, one that forces D.A.s to prove without a shadow of a doubt who pulled the trigger in gang murders, even in cases where the whole mob was agendaed to kill.  Only one guy now can apparently be held responsible for each killing, while the others get off scot-free.  Was this Soros?  It sure has the look of it.  California is going to pay.

Image Credit: Mike Licht via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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