If Republicans get complacent post-Kavanaugh, Democrats win

While better adjusted Americans are catching their breath in the wake of the left's reprehensible attempt to annihilate Brett Kavanaugh, you can bet that the Democrats are hard at work preparing to unleash their next attack.  There's no way the same people who openly abandoned all pretense of justice trying to kill Kavanaugh's confirmation are going to waste the next four weeks 'til the election behaving themselves.  They don't take time-outs, and they don't get tired (can you picture Nancy Pelosi sleeping?).  Right now, they're positively desperate.

Chuck Schumer's plot against Kavanaugh was designed to whip up unthinking rage among women, and it worked as well as he could have hoped.  For two weeks, the media feasted on an endless supply of infuriated women inexplicably able to defeat Capitol security to scream about how they're being silenced.  But it still wasn't enough to overcome the rare but valiant Republican stand that finally ended with Kavanaugh's confirmation.  The whole thing also marked out the limits to how many American women are susceptible to this kind of manipulation.  As far as the midterms are concerned, every woman who is still willing to vote for a Democrat is already on board.

This means that Democrats have to stir up a whole different sector of voters.  Because the two largest sectors of likely Democrat voters are women and blacks, we can expect the next wave of slanders to be designed to frighten black Americans.  Not only do leftists have years of experience with this sort of thing, but it makes tactical sense because support for Trump among blacks continues to rise.

So expect an October surprise of one or more defamatory stories dropped that allege offenses – also non-disprovable – meant to convince black voters that Republican victories in November will guarantee the abolition of black voting rights, or the re-introduction of Jim Crow, or carte blanche for white police officers to murder young black males at will, or probably all of those things and more.  The media's printing presses and TV cameras are standing by to help in any way they can.

We've just seen how many ethical and civilizational bridges the left is willing to burn to gain power: to hell with due process, to hell with the presumption of innocence, and why shouldn't we embrace the moral obscenities of reliance on false testimony and the achievement of political goals "by any means necessary"?  The worst of it hasn't been seeing just how far Schumer and Feinstein and The New Yorker are willing to go; the worst has been finding out at least how far Democrat supporters are willing to be led without putting their foot down and protesting this kind of lowdown politics has gone far enough.  In other words, we still don't know where those limits are for millions of American voters.  What we do know is that when the Democrats demanded party loyalty to the extent of a suspension of disbelief in the Christine Ford farce, millions of Democrats fell in line without a peep.

Count on it that the Democrats are factoring in that credulity as they prepare to launch their next offensive.

T.R. Clancy looks at the world from Dearborn, Michigan.  You can email him at trclancy@yahoo.com.

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