If Christine Ford's lawyer needs a lawyer, the fat lady's singing

America now knows that Dr. Ford had her high school friend, the retired FBI-DOJ special agent Monica McLean, who is also a lawyer, involved with her and present for  her Senate testimony.  Thanks to Wall Street Journal reporting, we now find out that lawyer McLean was so integral to the conspiracy that she tried to lean on a key witness to "clarify her statements."

This has backfired spectacularly and did absolutely no good for Dr. Ford, since the denial of any knowledge about the alleged event from the witness remained 100% absolute.

In fact, on a human level, it was tragic that she threw a childhood friend so under the bus in putting mysterious health issues in play with millions watching.  Dr. Ford turns out to be a nasty, expedient person.

That bonehead move of Dr. Ford's lawyer McLean showed pure desperation and panic to engage in potential witness-tampering.  That event has now forced Special Agent Monica McLean to retain a personal lawyer for the coming investigation of her.

A target's lawyer needing a lawyer was the "gold standard" of an unofficial measure of investigative achievement that we strove for in our Rules Committee's "impeachment inquiry."  That congressional investigation was focused on the illegal PRC money flowing into the Clinton administration during 1996, the "Year of the Rat."

It was our unofficial but powerful "tell," direct and simple: if your target's lawyer needs a lawyer, they are all really in big trouble.

A lot has changed during the Obama years, especially regarding trusting institutions to investigate and prosecute inside constitutional safeguards.  Consequently, an issue yet to be resolved is, will both Law (FBI) and Order (DOJ) do their job with full integrity?

I am betting on today's FBI to begin at the top to rebuild and regain its honor.  The special agents in the field are still a national treasure.  The top leadership ranks in the Obama administration are the ones who lost their moral compass, along now with those working with Dr. Ford.

It hasn't been observed yet, but an investigative lead into the influence of Special Agent McLean may be seen as the reason for a perplexing evolution of "when" it occurred.  Dr. Ford finally fixed the timeline to the summer of '82.  This may be additional evidence of a well thought out conspiracy and can add to McLean's lawyer's billing.

Having had a full field investigation for a Senate-confirmed position, I was told that it traditionally begins at age 18 by FBI pattern and practice.  Now, since we know that Dr. Ford had a special agent coaching her,  that person would know the age "floor."  So in order to negate the earlier six background investigations that totally cleared Judge Kavanaugh, they had to get his age back to 17.

Their problem was that that makes Ford 15, so how does she get back and forth, etc., etc. – and that is where President Trump called her out.

"Thirty-six years ago, this happened," Trump said, referring to the 1982 party where Ford alleges the assault took place.  "How did you get home?  'I don't remember,'" he said, imitating the questioning of Ford during last Thursday's testimony.  "How'd you get there?  'I don't remember.'  Where is the place?  'I don't remember.'  How many years ago was it?  'I don't know.'"

Dr Ford can't remember anything except the alleged event, but the problem Dr. Ford has is a public record of shifting years on the "when" throughout the eighties, until they figured out it had to be 1982 to make it all work.

If Judge Kavanaugh did not back out, Democrat senators could then trigger essentially a "Hail Mary" time-burning seventh full field, because the first six did not cover age 17.  It turns out Senator Flake triggered the seventh, but the theory holds on burning precious time.  President Trump and Judge Kavanagh did not cut and run, and all  should  give special kudos to the FBI for diligence and speed in their seventh investigation.

This is turning out to be a magnificent moment in American history, a time when honor and courage stood tall.  Soon it will be time for payback after the final vote.

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